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Vehicle Recovery

We offer a 24hr UK & Ireland recovery service.

We are able to aid you with any situation from a broken down truck or coach to a major incident where your truck or coach may be substantially damaged or overturned.

Features of our custom built heavy duty recovery vehicle include.

  • 150ft Twin Wire Rope Wench
  • 60ft Twin Reach Extending Crane
  • 30 Ton Pulling Capacity Winch Crane
  • 3000 Watt Floodlight Mask
  • Hydraulic 45ft Low Loader (18” Bed)
  • Hydraulic Rear Loading Ramps
  • Front Detachable Hydraulic Neck
  • 2 x Telehanders

Recovery Service Contacts

Scania Assistance: 0800 800 660

Granco Direct Number: 028 308 21056


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